In a recent article from Day Staff Writer David Collins, he writes about the chance to change the landscape of Hartford, if Mirna Martinez is elected. It’s an interesting and compelling piece of why Ms Martinez’s voice would be a clear addition to the General Assembly. This is an excerpt from the day, follow the link for the full article.

It was New London’s art scene that first drew Mirna Martinez and her husband, an artist, to the city, when they stumbled on one of the open gallery events that used to be held regularly downtown.

Martinez, who was born and raised in New Jersey — her mother was from El Salvador — said the young couple was looking for a place to relocate, and a wide real estate search had brought them to look at a stone house in New London, listed for $135,000.

They were so impressed with what they saw here on the art stroll, they agreed to buy the first house they looked at the next day, on Prospect Street, a charming neighborhood of 19th century homes on the perimeter of downtown.

Eighteen years later, the couple still lives in the same house, with their 13-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. Martinez’s mother lives in an apartment in the same house, live-in help with the grandchildren.

I was curious to learn more about Martinez’s relationship to New London because she is uniquely poised to become at least a small footnote in the city’s political history. If she were to win the four-way race in the unfolding special election for the 39th House District, she could become the first New London legislator from the Green Party sent to the General Assembly.